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Well, I have officially reached the "completely drained, no energy left" part of all the stress and moving lately. Pain is doing pretty well. It flairs up for a couple of hours, then goes away (haven't taken any pain meds since last week ), so that's good considering how it usually goes when I get to this point.

Still a lot to do and a lot of stress to face over the next few weeks. Once that first paycheck gets here from J's new job, a lot of that stress will dissipate.

As far as where things stand with him and College Girl, I have no idea. He's not here, so I don't have any insight to their conversations or anything. I do know that he has been super busy with training, lots of studying to do, and now is heading to his first work site. So, he hasn't had much time for texting, talking, or getting on FB. Which means that their communication is cut way down from before and he hasn't been able to stay up 'till 2am to web chat with her because he's had to be at training by 6:45 am. I do feel a lot less stress knowing that he's not talking to her as much and not seeing them talk all the time either. It's brought a sense of peace, even though I know they are still talking at times and he does still like her (even though he won't tell her the truth).
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