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Originally Posted by lucky7 View Post
I had the talk with my son, which surprises me, he has Asperger's Disorder, an autism spectrum disorder which makes social situations difficult, anyway, he has a girlfriend at 12, I'm nervous, but proud, my little man is growing up, and has a shot at a normal life.
Lucky, have you ever thought about enrolling him in a martial arts class? I had a student who was diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder....When he came to me, he held his head down, looked at the ground, and was not able to be around others in a social setting. After 6 months in my classes, he was training with the rest of the class, competing (AND WINNING) in martial arts tournaments, making friends, and generally becoming a normal child.......Then, after two years of training with me, his mom stopped bringing him in to training, citing money woes. I offered to let him train on a scholarship basis. I really cared for this kid and wanted the best for him. She ignored the offer. He spiraled down hill immediately. Within 3 months, he was hospitalized in a mental institution. His mom admitted that it was likely due to removing him from class. I re-upped my offer, and was ignored. So sad really.....

Something to look into. I hope the best for your young one.

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