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@ Ariakas:
Awesome! I'm glad you're where you can be appreciated, and I know it's hard to be with people when you feel like crap, but sometimes it's the only way to crawl out of the hole. glad you're feeling better.^.^

Me? I'm ready to throw Facebook out the window. Found out some of my friends haven't been getting my updates...and I haven't been getting some updates as well. Hurt feelings all around because I didn't congratulate someone on their new baby...because the husband thought I blocked him for whatever reason...because I must've been angry and didn't tell them about some event...because I didn't congratulate my oldest daughter for being section leader. *sighs* Why can't people contact directly if they have a problem with me? I still have a phone, or even email if they don't live close enough. Stupid Facebook and mass notifications... I'm going out into that sunshine (with shades to avoid the migraines.) and enjoying it while we still have it! I'm going to watch the kids run around like maniacs, so I can remember what real joy looks like. =^.^=
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