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Tinyblu has said it here now, but skirted around the issue in her other threads -- she puts up with the dirtbag because he's got money and pays for the trips she takes to see him. He's lied to her, used her, actually brought her on a trip where he surprised her by having another woman she'd never met before there for her to have sex with for his own pleasure (not the one she's seeing now), and just has generally treated her like shit, and we have all counseled her quite a bit on how to stand up for herself and not put up with his bullshit and deceit, but hey -- free dinners! Woo-hoo.

So, now she keeps secrets from him and has a thing with one of his fuck buddies. She comes back here periodically to paint a picture that she's got this "honest" and "refreshing" poly relationship (when he's really just a playboy, flying her in to his town to fuck her, and she's lying to him) and to post another message, just like so many she's posted before, to say "Well, things were a little bumpy for a while [hello? bumpy?] but it's so good, except for this one thing. What should I do?" and then she describes some other issue as if it's the one important thing (like "how to I speak up without getting emotional?") but refuses to look at the hurtful disrespectful treatment she's putting up with so he will buy her trips, vacations, dinners, and gifts -- and now she says "cut me some slack, there's no good men out there." Well...I don't know what else to say. Either Tinyblu really can't see the situation clearly or the playboy and golddigger deserve each other.
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