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Originally Posted by gamerprincess View Post
He then suggested that we should open our options up instead of being so narrow minded and set on a specific configuration. He said that maybe it's just easier if we both try to meet other women, or if I wanted to..a man.

That's not something he's exactly been comfortable considering in the past, but he said "I can't expect you to be OK with me dating another woman and tell you it's not OK for you to date who you want, whether that be a woman or a man." That's a huge step forward . . .
Yay! I agree that is a step forward and a good, positive one. AND, in addition, taking the pressure off on finding only one for the two of you and being open to having relationships with people individually not only opens up the door to more possibilities but also increases the odds of meeting a woman that wants to be with both of you. You know, how women who are stressed out trying to get pregnant often finally do get pregnant after they relax and decide to adopt? I mean, you never know what the future holds, so letting go of a rigid ideal can only enable more possibility to come your way and for you to see potential where you perhaps would have overlooked it before.
The world opens up... when you do.

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