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Default Update...

So... I was able to talk to my guy about an hour ago reasonably and rationally (I have never been one of those women that just go ape shit on someone) and express my feelings. I did even use some of MZ's rhetoric in my conversation (thanks!).

I think we're good for now.

Trust me... I know that this is probably a less-than-functional relationship (definitely in the mono world), but I am NEW to this whole thing. I came from the school of NEVER SHOW EMOTION, so talking about feelings, showing them, even acknowledging them is not part of my makeup. Besides, past experience with men has taught me that if you want to get rid of a guy in a hurry, mention FEELINGS...

That's why I was reluctant to say something. I don't want to come off as the "ever-so-emotional chick. That disgusting to me.

I appreciate the advice and tough love, but not everyone is as experienced or as straightforward as you veterans. Cut a girl some slack now and then. I'm sure you all had challenges when you entered your first poly relationship and I would venture to say are still learning and growing. Keep in mind that I have only been at this since May... just saying...

Thanks anyway for the input...
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