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Originally Posted by MichelleZed View Post
Wait, so you guys are both dating the same girl, but keeping it from each other? And the girl hasn't said anything for odd reasons of her own?

This is... a bit different from the situation you describe at the beginning of this thread, Tinyblu. Also, if this is true, this girl isn't a "new toy" but an old toy, a girl he seems to have gone back to again and again, for years, ostensibly because she is "easy" when things get hard in his other relationships. If he's seeing her again, this is probably a bad sign.

You describe your relationship as "honest". Look at what I just wrote. Both of you are dating someone and keeping it a secret from the other. Does that seem like something you could reasonably describe as "honest"?
We are seeing the same person, but everyone is aware of each other. He actually introduced me to his "fuck buddy"... a woman that he has been in a relationship with for 7 years. They see each other about 3 times a year when he wants to mix things up. She's very open sexually.

The thing is... we REALLY connected (actually were intimate without him knowing), and we have been communicating since then and spending time together on our own.

The sticking point is that he only wants her for sex, but she doesn't seem to get that. She's seriously in love with him and continues the relationship in hopes that their relationship will turn into something more...something he has communicated to me will probably never happen.

So, the woman and I are having a much closer relationship than either of us have with the guy (though up until recently, he was way more consistent with communication with me), but the guy only thinks that we are casual. We have told him that we communicate with each other regularly, but he is not aware that we are involved in a relationship without him. So, there is a lack of honesty on my part in this situation which I will admit to.

so... like I said... the situation with the other woman (the one I am involved with) is a totally different thread...
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