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Default Night to remember...

So Neo & I are on a sexual high, I love this part . Getting all cleaned up & sexified for our anticipated night. So me & lips are texting and discussing plans even though her and Neo have it worked out.....

She's never been with a couple so who knows how this will end? I can tell she is excited. I'm going to go with the friend approach. Last time I was very demanding what I wanted. Shes kinda a tease in bed which makes me hot even more pretty sure she has never went down on a girl so I'm not gonnna push this either. Even though if your gonna have a 1st it should be my amazing lotus flower

Cheers all!
Wooooohhhhooo I'm excited!

P.s. Is it weird not to tell Smile? Feels kinda shady....since he is attracted to her to he's tried to kiss her didn't go to well he was to intoxicated...
He's strange, has no game but is so sexy he makes women puddles and never goes for the kill,shy? hmmmmm.....
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