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We are ex pats yes, was I remiss in this.
There is an apartment in the city. Used purely for leisure time. I would say no to 'seeking out' a community in the city, it is barely finding its cosmopolitian feet as yet. Ex pat communities are notoriously dog eat dog, and something we do not involve ourselves in. Nor would wish for another person to have to deal with. This is after all not just about us but about another person, should they ever come to be.
We speak the language, but you know that might cause some discomfort to a newby friend.
Getting someone to work alongside us - as a holiday introduction, indeed an excellent idea something we had thought of. However thought that if like us, we were staying somewhere we would join in, experience the life. If they chose not too, well I think all sorts of people mix in relationships. That is the buzz factor.
Winning the lottery in a relationship. Well I think I am like the person in the bingo hall, some days I have a winning ticket, other days its close, and some days its a dead loss. That is life. Its living, its a fact.
So pleased you are all putting points, it is providing lots of chat for us. Lots of ideas and realisations that we have missed bits out in our 'are we missing something'.
Very much appreciated xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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