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Originally Posted by gamerprincess View Post

It's not that this was our first time meeting someone or dating someone. We've had a couple of girls before that we had semi-casual things with, a very long time ago.. and that's how we figured out that we wanted something more. We didn't want a one nighter and we genuinely wanted to find someone to develop an all-around deep connection with. In other words, we want to find our soulmate...if that's even possible.

I'm glad we know what we want.
We, we, we, us.

Why are you (plural) so intent on finding one person who will love and lust for you both equally? There are so many stories here of unsuccessful unicorn hunts. And admittedly, my ex and I, 12 years ago, were naive unicorn hunters... our one try was a spectacular failure. We didn't bother trying again. (In '08, he and I split, and 6 months later that woman moved in with him... the cowgirl won! Yeehah!)

In the poly world, it's hard enough finding one person for one other person to love and connect with, and share interests and goals with. Finding one "girl" for a MF couple to *share* is almost impossible.
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