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It really shows that you've been treated poorly in the past. These things he does, for which you are so grateful, are COMMON COURTESY.

You have NO idea. He's probably the best of the worst, and he gets away with a lot of things because he's rich, but what's my alternative? The broke guys treat me just as badly... at least he's honest about fucking around...

This woman you're in a relationship with with him ... is this the one he wanted you to do the dirty work for him and tell her she was no longer invited on the getaway he'd planned for the three of you? I'm guessing that you're now both dating her because you didn't do this for him, and he didn't go through with it himself.

That's the one! I actually refused to do the dirty work for him and made him back out of the trip. I'M dating her (without his knowledge). She's still just a past time fuck for him... the pinch hitter when he wants a threesome...something that she still doesn't quite get and I feel terrible about because I'm in the middle of the whole thing... whole different thread...

... And those rules should never say that you can't express your concerns in a calm and rational manner. You seem to be looking at relationships with a scarcity view. As in, you should hang on to this guy, not rock the boat, because decent men are so few and far between ... No, they're not. They're EVERYWHERE. Please go find one.

I disagree... but maybe that's just me. Good men are hard to find...

MZ covered this.[/QUOTE]
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