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mark, we forgive you... besides I don't feel like you've left as we have emailed lots!

I for one don't like the idea of segregation for senior memebers. I understand how it is appealing, but I have friends on my facebook now who know me in a very different light than on here and I know them. It makes my sense of community feel that much tighter... if they aren't on my facebook then we email... it all works and if anyone wants to do either, or if I want to then it can be arranged.

The whole idea of knowing someone beyond this forum is very appealing to me as I am not the person that you all think I am. I realized that when I met some of you elsewhere, saw your pictures and lives in a different way and realized that you all see me in that different way also. It has changed my view of people on here that I only know a small part of their lives and in no way should think I have a right to judge them for what they write on here.

I love to think that friendships can last longer than this forum, or at least longer than my interest in it.
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