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Originally Posted by DancingNancy View Post
... asking us to be two different people, when we are ONE
Hmmm, codependant much?

Originally Posted by DancingNancy View Post
This is the KEY factor in my definitive decision to walk away. I deleted their numbers so I won't be tempted in a weak moment. Neither will imagine it from my shoes. and that's no basis for any friendship. I said more than once that I had no interest in taking away from their relationship,only adding to it, and developing My own. Boo ignorance. Boo being someone's experiment. Oh well, at least they were my experiment too. And I learned that I love boobies. Win.
Good on you for telling them how you felt about it, and protecting yourself and your own interests.

Live & Learn.

Stories like this make me actually glad my wife and I never found anyone during our [REDACTED]-hunting days. We never had stories such as yours to see how damaging our ignorance could have been. Thanks.
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How did I get here & Where am I going?

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