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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
For the most part, I wouldn't sweat it. It sounds like there's far more going on that would compel your husband to hide...not to lie to you, but to hide the truth from himself perhaps. If your reaction isn't to scream and shout, but instead give him a disappointed look and pat on the head for being stupid, then you might find he'll figure out it isn't worth trying to lie...even automatically.

Sometimes breaking the shackles is a two person job.
Lol thank you! Totally hadn't thought about that! For the record, I didn't yell last night, simply asked because I was curious...he had told me previously that he wasn't interested in looking anytime soon and he hadn't updated me. I still want him to tell me if he is going to date, so I don't find out some other way. As far as the feeling that I'm sneaking up behind him...Maybe it would help if he sat in the other chair? So his back isn't to the door when I go out to say goodnight?
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