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Thank you for the advice SourGirl. The last thing I want is details, unless they will affect our family,but intention? Yes, I really do not want to be blind-sided. I was more angry that he lied when I asked. I really didn't think it was a big deal until then...and frankly, would have been almost as mad if he were lying about something else. I was just surprised in this case because it had been so long since he lied about dating. I figured we would continue the same rules as we always had. If we are looking, we mention it. If we "have a good feeling" about someone...think we might be dating someone more than a few times, we introduce them. We don't hide things, we're open, and we're there for each other. *sighs* I guess no matter how long you are with someone, you can't assume you'll never have to review the rules again huh?
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