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Default Am I overreacting?

So last night, before I went to bed, I went outside to kiss the hubby goodnight. He smokes out there and often takes his lap top with him. I didn't sneak up or anything. The door is not quiet lol, but he jumped. I saw that he was on Adult Friend Finder and said, "Oh, did you make an account on there?" He just said, "Stupid spam, I was just checking my work emails..." I was tired, so I let it go.

Now, I had a great day with the toddler n he came home early, so I was happy...but when I came downstairs after putting her down for a nap...he was on there again. Now, I have no problem with him looking (even if he's been insisting he has no desire to look for anyone for the past few months), or making accounts somewhere,but if I ask, I really don't like lies. He finally admitted that he set up an account LAST WEEK, so he could find someone to spend time with him on this next out of town job. We have an open marriage, have been together for 20 yrs, n I tell him whenever I'm interested in seeing someone or even if I'm I admit...I kind of lost it. I just cannot stand being lied to. The last time he lied to me about this kind of thing(many years ago, so I thought we were over this), he was seeing someone at my work place n was not very discreet...I found out from my co-workers...not a good feeling. I really don't want to hear these things from his crew either. I'm just trying to calm down right now, but do you think I'm making a big deal out of nothing? He said he didn't think it was a big deal since he was just checking it out n hasn't made contact with anyone that interests him, does not know why he lied,except that I surprised him and he panicked. *sighs*
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