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Originally Posted by Mojo View Post
Hi all,
I posted to introductions, now I have some follow up questions.

Whats this called if the 2 outside lovers can have relationships at there own leisure?

Does this tend to go sour real fast?
From reading your other post, I take this to mean you and your husband Neo would both have separate lovers who also have other lovers themselves?

That is called a poly tangle sometimes. If you meet the other lovers and become friends with them, it could morph into a tribe.

It actually tends to be the most common poly configuration. And the most workable.

What's it called when you go through the feeling of not being able to thinking about anything but sex with the lovers, when you fall asleep,wake up,dream,day almost makes you insane.. is there a word for this?

Thank you
Yes, that is called infatuation in the general public, and poly people tend to call it new relationship energy, or NRE. In a new ongoing relationship it tends to last 3-18 mos.

We have a glossary of terms here you can look at.
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