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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Egad, I take back what I said about being judgmental! She's not being very smart at all. While I still see nothing wrong with having a period of casual relationships so soon after a break-up, I can't even fathom how she could have asked with a straight face that your hubs go bareback. Or that she only wants a threesome and never any one-on-one time.

It's like you got the reverse nightmare of what unicorns go through. Here's a couple doing it right and she's got it all wrong. Well, at least ya gotta laugh at the irony of it.

You and she both know what you want and it's not a match.

No, your standards are not too high. Keep on keeping on! Oh, Lawdy!
Defintiely nothing wrong with casual relationships so soon after a breakup, been there myself and most of us have if not all of us.

When she asked the bare back question, I think my jaw dropped. Not literally, but I know my eyes got big and he raised and eyebrow. I took a sip of my drink and then began what was the rest of the convo. I was absolutely stunned, it was a first. And yes, she did it comepletely with a straight face.

LOL@ reverse unicorn nightmare. that's exactly what it felt like.

It's not that this was our first time meeting someone or dating someone. We've had a couple of girls before that we had semi-casual things with, a very long time ago.. and that's how we figured out that we wanted something more. We didn't want a one nighter and we genuinely wanted to find someone to develop an all-around deep connection with. In otherwords, we want to find our soulmate...if that's even possible.

I'm glad we know what we want. I'm glad she knows what she wants, but feel slighted that she couldn't be forthcoming from the start with her, since we were. And I'm glad we figured this out before any more feelings got invested.
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