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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
So why aren't you turned off by the basic dishonesty she showed? Seriously, I wouldn't sweat the fact that she's not ready for a serious relationship at this point nor even the discomfort in dealing with STD testing (which she could view as something only for serious relationships that involve fluid bonding and not what she wants right now). I'd be very concerned that she wasn't forthright with what she wanted just because she was trying to manipulate you into an ongoing relationship of a sort different than what you want.
Her dishonesty was something we were turned off by; honesty is very important to us. it was one of many things we were turned off by. I almost felt she was leading us on TBH.

as far as dealing with the STD testing for only fluid bonding relationships.. i do not agree if that's what she's thinking. she didn't seem like she cared at all, as long as she "believed" that someone is clean because they say so that's all that matters. condoms are NOT 100% effective against STD's or pregnancy. you can still get HPV and HSV by using condoms or dental dams.

big lesson learned here, for sure.
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