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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post

Like, let's say you meet two lovely women both in the same night and you three decide to go for a triad.
I concur with everything you said, but especially wanted to comment on the above. How on earth would one meet 2 women on the same day, both single, and both want to become your lovers? You also stipulate these 2 women would not be (sexual/love) partners.

Maybe they'd be platonic friends? Would they both need to be bi or bi curious? They've had the hots for each other, but didn't feel the need to act on it until somehow their interest in you suddenly spurred them on to try sexing each other, with you in the mix? What if one was bi and one was straight? Or one was just kinda bi, but more in lust with you, the guy? Then the really bi one would feel unsatisfied.

Would they both be strangers to you and to each other? Then how could you guarantee all 3 of you would be suddenly magically equally attracted to each other, and to you, and equally interested in a poly-fi triad?

What if one lived in your town, and the other lived 20 miles away and could only get together every other weekend, say? Your relationship with the one closer geographically would have more chance of progressing more quickly, unless you all agreed to only get together when the further away one could come to town... etc.
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