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Five months ago, a serious relationship ended for her. Two months ago, she started seeing you two, and probably around the same time, three other couples casually. What makes you say that is promiscuous? Even if she's having sex with everyone in all four couples (she might not be), that doesn't make it a bad thing. She's poly. Besides, two months into any relationship is rather soon to ask for exclusivity.

Were you having sex with her yet? If so, were you using protection? If yes, what makes you think she wasn't using protection with everyone else? You say she was "uncomfortable" talking about STDs. Does that mean she refused to talk about it or just didn't like talking about it? I don't know anyone who really enjoys the topic. Even though it's necessary, I'm sure we all wish we didn't have to bring it up.

My initial reaction to your first post is that you've jumped to some conclusions that may not be true, and you're maybe being a bit judgmental about her choice to keep things a little casual for a while until she's healed from the end of that relationship. We all know that it can be tough when you're on the rebound. Plus, maybe she's just exercising caution about joining a couple and wants to make sure she's found the right couple for her, as we've all heard the stories about how problematic triads can be for someone in that position. It sounds like she knows what she wants. I don't see anything wrong with what she's doing, unless she's being very unsafe sexually.
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