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OK, this is going to come in short bursts: I've got 20 minutes until my time on-line runs out, and a demonstration to go to for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow I go back to my mountain hide-away and Internet disconnection for (probably) another week.

So now I need to quote 2 clichés, one a maxim and the other a cinematic cliché:

a) "You can't teach an old dog new tricks."

b) The plot: The young would-be (gunslinger?) admires the older legendary one... until he decides that the legend is a has-been, washed up. To prove his own superiority, he challenges (and shoots down) his erstwhile hero.

a) Well, you can teach an old dog new tricks IF that old dog really wants to learn them and puts in the effort... but it's not easy.

For about 25 years, I wanted a unicycle. I'd practiced (wobbling quite a bit) on a friend's, but moved away and lost my chance of a borrowed unicycle.
Then, 2 years ago, I was given a unicycle. Because I live in the mountains, without a smooth, regular, horizontal space big enough to practice on, my practicing has been seldom and sporadic. When I started camping in the city square (sort of like a sit-in, but with tents and 24/7) as part of the 15M campaign for a truer democracy in Spain, I saw it as a great opportunity to practice on the unicycle. The unicycle became very popular with other protesters. I would support some of them as they pedalled... and one try was enough for many of them. But there was one young man (early 20s, I'll label him L) who'd had some previous unicycle experience and was keen to improve. He'd borrow the unicycle for long periods and rapidly got better than myself.

[I've had the "5 minutes to go warning" and don't want to risk losing what I've already written, so...]
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