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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
The benefits of poly for me are that I have an outlet to loving more. I am a very loving person and found in the past that I have much more to give of it than my monogamous relationships allowed. I found myself misunderstood by my partners and friends and felt trapped and held back from loving and actively caring and being compassionate for people. Loving for me is very much given in terms of physical intimacy as much as emotional and intellectual intimacy.
In my poly relationships I feel like I finally am able to feel completely at my capacity
I second that Repepper!!

in any mono relationship i always felt something was lacking or missing, and i often found myself having feelings for more than one person and constantly berated my self for it, having never known til i was about 24 or so that was okay and i wasn't odd or wrong in some way.

now, i know what was missing, and my partners and myself are all open to following where are hearts may wander. now i am happy and don't feel like im missing something.

not to mention its wonderful to have another outlook on situations.

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