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Default From part of a nuclear family to quite queer in a week

My husband G and I opened our relationship since I was in love with another man (M) as well. I explained this to M and he was willing to give it a try. Then my husband (relieved by me breaking our hetero-mono-normativity) came out as maletofemale transsexual. So I ended up with a wife (now named O) and a boyfriend. This was less than eight months ago.

M is currently not so comfortable with "the poly thing", but still wants to stay in the relationship anyway.

O is transitioning and is about to get hormones. We have a child (J who is 2,5 years old) and we have tried to get us pregnant since O came out, since trans people must be sterialized in Sweden to be able to transition legally.

This is my current situation. I am glad to be here.
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