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Well, the kitchen is done, the living room is done, our bedroom is done, our youngest son's bedroom is done, and the bathroom is done. Just have to finish our oldest son's bedroom and finish washing all the bedding that's been sitting in storage for a while because we didn't have room for it. Slowly but surely, this house is getting unpacked and put together.

I really miss my husband!!!! J has only been gone since Monday late morning, but I really, really miss him. He did get good news today though. Instead of 4 months, he could be transferred here to OK as his home base (so we don't have to make another big move soon) in as little as 90 days! If that doesn't pan out like they are hoping, then it could take as long as 6 months. I like the 90 days better than the 6 months of course, so that's what I'm rooting for. Of course, none of that is written in pen, so I'm a little hesitant to get too excited about it.

On another note though, our oldest has been invited on a Science class trip in June to FL to study marine and swamp wildlife. He's only in 7th grade, so the plan is, if we are still in this area and the transfer goes through for J, that I will accompany him on the trip. Which means, I get to go snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, etc with my amazing son. That would be AWESOME!!! Oh, and we would get to go swimming with the dolphins. Does it get any better than that??? Yeah, if it was a family trip with J and our youngest son, that would be better. I almost feel guilty having all that fun without them, because it's all stuff they would thoroughly enjoy.

Our youngest son is trying out for the school choir. He's pretty excited about and has insisted that I help him get ready and help with songs if he makes it. I assured him I would. I'm a singer myself, so this just excites me to no end. I may have my male singing partner after all lol. J is totally tone deaf but does know the guitar, bass, and drums. Our oldest doesn't sing, but he loves the drums. K, our youngest, wants to learn keyboard and singing, but mostly he wants to be a comedian. He has us in stitches ALL THE TIME! Choir will be a good way for him to get used to performing in front of people. So proud of both my boys!
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