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Originally Posted by jrcx3 View Post
So I told my mom that dh and I were looking for a girlfriend to share, to sum up the conversation. Mom ask if I am Bisexual....I couldn't answer because I don't feel that I am, though I truly and fully enjoy being with the woman that we have met. I enjoy it more than I thought. Inhale always desired a very close relationship with a woman but I never thout it could reach a sexualy level. I guess some people out there could call me Bi but damn if I hate labels. I am really excited to share this relationship with my mom but I am not sure she is ready to know that we are dating. She asked me what she did wrong, as if my attraction to a woman was because of anything she did. Maybe she thinks my husband is make me do this lol as if he could. I start the ball rolling. Anyways what are your thoughts....?
lol, Gotta love the parents who ask what they did wrong when they find out that you are different! It's amazing that you felt close enough to your mother to share with her. I can't even imagine saying anything like this to other members of our family: my grandmother who raised me, or my in-laws. I can imagine sharing that we're spending a lot of time with an amazing person that we both feel close to and adore though...

From what you said. If you do not think of yourself as "bi" then don't worry about describing yourself this way. You are the one who is living your life, not her, not anyone else. If asked again, I would simply say that you don't identify yourself that way. You enjoy having this amazing woman around. If she, or anyone else, does say anything about your husband "making you do something like that." How about just letting her know that you have a loving relationship and he wouldn't force you into anything. I know I'd have a big problem with my husband forcing me into something I'm not comfortable with... (I say bi-curious for myself by the way. I haven't totally gone down that route, but I do know I'm attracted and love to watch and kiss and touch...)
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