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Red face She replied... Oh it's good.

So she texted me... After I inquired as to why she thought it was okay to just leave someone hanging like that. I would normally not do this, but I'm freaking sharing this. (this is from someone in a MF relationship looking for another bi female to join a triad)... This is why you polys get a bad name, but I set her straight for ya!

okay well I have been thinking for a day now sorry I didn't reply last night... I love my (him) there isn't anything I wouldn't do for him or with him and asking us to be two different people, when we are ONE bringing in someone new to be with and it is something we have decided together. I don't think it's fair that you want to get to know us apart from each other, it feels like you are trying to date us separately when you knew going into this that youdont get one or the other you get both together and if you don't want us how we are and how we come together than you really don't want either cause this is what we both want. Don't get me wrong we both really like you but if it won't work with all three of us, then it won't work developing anything deeper than sex.


My reply:
It's not fair to develop relationships with both? Is that a joke? So you and him get your own thing, and I get all or none. Nice. Kindly, you have a lot to learn about the relationship you seek. Nobody wants to be a puppet of two except a sub. There is not one relationship, there are four. If you are not willing to allow your relationship to change and evolve, then you cannot in good conscience pursue a poly relationship. It can't happen, it won't work. I hate secrets, but I don't want every word and sentiment I feel forwarded. Bringing someone into your relationship demands that you offer that person the same things YOU need, including the opportunity to bond individually. It includes allowing that person the chance to love.

Not shockingly, no reply. Discuss amongst yourselves. CNt wait to read responses...
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