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This forum, and I can't remember for the life of me how I found it......has been a Godsend.....I never, ever dreamed of approaching my wife about moving our marriage forward in a poly way, but with so much to read and learn about on here, it quickly became a no brainer to do so.

I truly hope that so many others out there like myself can find this special place and the special people that exist on here. Some of you know who you are and you'll never fully realize how much of an impact you have had on so many people's lives and relationships.

I am an information junkie, an avid communicator, and finally, a healer of bodies and now hearts, too. There has been absolutely no downside to my being on here, other than to have my two loves complain that this puter is in my lap for too many hours on some nights. Hence, my reduced participation others here at home need my more immediate attention. I hope all my friends on here understand.
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