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Originally Posted by JRiverMartin View Post
Good words.

I'm undergoing something of a (r)evolutionary shift in my psyche regards relationships. All of the furniture and utensils -- rugs, drapes -- in this metaphorical house is in continuous motion, in search of a whole new atmosphere. I'm re-examining all of my beliefs, habits, etc.

I am and feel much, much less needy than I used to, and I rarely anymore react or respond to the world from a lack perspective. I'm open to all kinds of loving adventure, but have zero need to act out dramas or anything not mutually beneficial for all involved. Am willing to dance with the legitimate needs of all involved and any healing/openning processes, and can be gently nurturing in all that without pushing or pulling. And I'm learning, healing, and growing a little each day. So this is a very good time for me.

Key to all of this is that I've found the source of happiness and unhappiness -- in myself. It isn't sourced from others, and there's just as much happiness available as I am willing to open further to--which I do daily, expansively more each day and week. I can enjoy others without expecting or demanding much, if anything. Even the rough patches of road are contained within a basic joy atmosphere of non-lack.
This is amazing!
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