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Originally Posted by IrisAwakened View Post
I know those sleepless nights! For me it was up with the new guy in my mind, thinking about him sexually and then tenderly (like, "What if he were here right now?" and "What if we fell in love?"), I think this type of sleeplessness is normal with most new successful relationships.

I would just take it slowly, and feel it out. When you feel like you absolutely need to know, just ask the guy about it. Honesty and openness is a huge Poly skill to have, very helpful!

I agree that it is difficult if you are alone all of the time, starting a new poly relationship. It always makes me feel more needy and sometimes that can be difficult to reign in.
Thanks, I.A., I found your post reassuring. Yeah, I am mostly dating people in open relationships right now, and I have found that once I really start to like them (it's only happened twice) then I do start feeling needy and freak out a bit. It's almost like I'm single since I'm not physically with my partner. Thanks for your insights.
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