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Default The Yeti's back in town...

Hi, Poly People!
It's been some time (months?) since the last time that I contributed anything to this board, aside from one or two words (literally) in the thread "Word Association Game". I've looked in now and then, but have usually been too busy with other things in my life to write anything else here, or even read other people's threads very extensively. Added to which are the following reasons:
1) Limited time on Internet.
2) No more all-night Internet sessions (which was when I could really let loose on here in the past).
3) My limited time on Internet has been largely dedicated to the new "obsession" in my life: The Spanish Revolution, aka 15M. [For those of you who haven't heard of this at all, here are 3 video teasers (one subtitled in English, another with a song in English, the 3rd a "Message from Anonymous to world leaders")]

Right now, I've been doing some catching up on my favourite thread on here: "the story of a secondary", but I've still got over 4 pages to go...

I'll post this in bits, so upload this now and continue...
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