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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
I think in many cases, it really is 'newbie' ignorance on a couple`s part. I don`t think most couples mean to put a third person in such a position. They simply haven`t taken the time to realize the predicament they put someone in. They are simply thinking about protecting their own relationship with each other.

If intentions are honest for a relationship and not a fwb scenario, then usually some time to think, will enable people to find some common goals, all three people can work towards.

Hang in there.
They are an entity, or so they think. Even among my FRIENDS, I hate it when couples are attached at the hip. Be yourself for goodness sakes. I told them so, that's why I got shut out. Start out as you plan to go, wherever that leads me. When I was married, total mono, he had female friends, my BESt friend was a guy. There was never infidelity... On my part... And I didn't know about his for years. Thanks for the support and the Uber wise words, friends.
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