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For example, if either is feeling like they need some time that hasn't been previously set aside for them with me, I feel like instead of asking me to ask the other one they ought to just go talk to one another.
They could talk through-hey I need some time with LR what's a good time for you so that I don't step on your toes in the taking of it blah blah blah.

I have been trying to be gentle with Maca-he's working his butt off right now to get a handle on so many things in his life-and doing so well we're all sort of standing around stumped with our mouths dropping open, staring at him in shock and amazement.

But I sort of feel like if they can manage to talk about getting matching tattoos of the three geckos (came up last night) then they can talk to each other about some of the needs they have too..

Does that seem reasonable? Obviously it's not your relationship I know. But just in general does that make sense based on what you do know about us?

On one level, it does make sense, as long as somewhere along the way such conversations involve you. I would hate to have two partners negotiating my time with each other but not with me. But in general, yeah....being the fulcrum of a V doesn't mean always having to be the go-between. A good relationship between the metamours is soooooo important!
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