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Originally Posted by sea View Post

I have to agree that there is a Jerry Springer atmosphere quite often. Very much a 'clique' and the idea of a Members Only Club only inforces this. I have to agree also with Ceoli that a lot of valuable thoughts and perspectives would be missed. What makes the feelings and thoughts of one with less posts on a forum less important than one who has had the time for many posts?

Like I for thought!
Nothing-but why I suggested that was because some people would feel comfortable sharing more personal info with people they had gotten to know here. But are not comfortable sharing it with random unknowns-or spammers. We do get the occassional spammer join for a few days. If there weren't some sort of limitation-then all of a sudden EVERYTHING would be available to them as well.
For me I don't care how MUCH you (general you) post. I care that people feel comfortable sharing.
Does that make sense?
Like mono was talking about putting his real pic on. I would anyway-but some people-that could be more risky. And having random spammers accessing that info could cause issues...
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