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How important is self esteem in the creation of healthy, loving relationships?
incredibly important. It's very hard to hate yourself and love someone leads to depression, distance, and sometimes resentment.

How is self esteem furthered where it is insufficient?
I've had major issues with depression, and one of the ways I battle it is doing something where I feel physically competent. (running, strength training, etc.) Conditioning my body strengthens my mind for some reason. Guess I'm just a physical person.

On a scale of 0 -10, with 0 being the least and 10 being the most of healty self esteem, where is your average placement on the scale over the last year?
Like I said, I've had issues with depression, and I'm also a bit manic depressive (managing it well, though) so it can fluctuate between 0 and 8, I would say. I do my best to not let it affect work/school/relationships.

Self esteem is so important in ensures that your partners get the best of you. At least that's what I tell myself when I'm down.
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