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I tried sending u a private message earlier, but I don't think it sent. So, I sent you a "Befriend" request.

I was in the same boat, struggling to paddle up river, without a paddle! Divorced from the person I dedicated over a decade of my life with. Alone, confused, and with 3 children. My "knight in shining armor" came to me several years ago, but did not rescue me~he guided me to where I am today; which is a much better and satisfying life! We've been on a few different websites seeking our desires, recently this subject came up and I think we've finally found our place.

My two cents are: what a fantastic hiarchy where one is blessed to feel the love, support and dedication from those who are compassionate, understanding and only wanting your happiness. An environment free of jealousy with all working for the good of the family unit.
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