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Hmmm...I don't consider sex as a hobby, more like eating and breathing...necessary.

Art - Looking at it, learning about it, creating it, I love learning new ways to express myself. Mostly I love sculpture, but I draw constantly. At the moment, I am enjoying creating woodblock prints.

Singing - mostly to myself and/or my kids. I just love it. I sing a lot.

Dance - I am currently obsessed with my kid's kinect game, Dance's just too fun! If I had transportation and cash, I'd be back in Hula. I'd love to learn Belly Dancing or some Latin style dance if I could.

Reading! I devour books! I mostly read sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal books. I enjoy classics, but recently prefer things less like the "real world". Frankly, I've been enjoying more junk food for the brain and reading more paranormal romance...and manga.

I love watching anime! I like other movies, but I mostly watch anime.

I also enjoy making jewelry and other crafty type things. =^.^= I used to collect things: Tigger, Tigers and Hello Kitty...but now I'd rather have the space lol.
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