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Default Thanks for the help and the humor!

Roly: I was abbreviated today in my replies, as I was at work, and my first remark about being "specific enough" was because I'm a little long winded usually.

Red Pepper: I really appreciate the advice and while I know this happens a lot, I didn't know many people who have gone through it. As for how this all turned a new leaf, I don't feel cheated or disrespected, though I understand every relationship is a bit different. Throughout our lives together, we've paid particular attention to make sure we talk through everything. And your last comment about getting that sexual release out of the way in their friendship, I'm fairly certain it needed to happen, for them and actually for us.

LovingRadiance: Thank you for the encouragement, and I'll keep you posted, though I feel a lot better now that I simply focused and wrote it all down.
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