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Question New and wanting to give it a go...

Hi everyone! Hmm...what to say...this is my first time here...I am a SWF, 30 years old, small built and in good shape, and attractive as far as I have been (is this an advertisement or what?)...I have spent my entire life in monogamous relationships. As a result of my most recent monogamous relationship, I have been left confused, unfulfilled and lonely with 4 children. When I left my ex of nearly 10 years, I had the chance to find myself again, to figure out who I am. I have learned that I am more interested in a plural relationship. I enjoy the idea and welcome the thought of sharing a more family like experience with a MF couple. I am not opposed to two males either. I am not lesbian or bi. I want to be able to find a partnership with persons who value the idea of raising children in an environment of love without constraints. I want the chance to have an open and trusting companionship with both persons, I am open to anything at this point, I would just like to hear back from some of you. I really don't know where to begin....I have never pursued this before but it is dying to come out of me...well...there you have it! If you are in the Illinois vacinity or open to a long distance realationship while we get to know eachother, please let me know...if you have any advice for me...let me know...

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