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Originally Posted by JuliaGay View Post
I've insisted on meeting her before we go any further. I have asked for some assurance from both of them that I won't be treated as disposable again. And that when something comes up, she'll agree to work through it rather than invoking veto immediately. And that he will remind her of that agreement if she tries.
I forgot to say in my earlier post that I think it's great you've already asked him for these considerations. You really come across as a strong, balanced woman with her head on straight and it's very appealing.

Oh, and I just went back to read your Intro thread. I assume this is the same man you spoke of there. You said you came here for support because you were still getting over that relationship ending... and now there's a turnabout! In that thread, you wrote:
Originally Posted by JuliaGay View Post
I believe that most of the problem was that he didn't know how to temper his NRE and that drove her nuts.
I do think meeting with her will help this time around. Maybe you can even say you want it to be friends-only for a little while. I hope it works out for you!
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