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Default Am I a...?

I can't even say the word, but after reading up on the interwebbie... It's what I am. Spare me, the word is freaking me out.

A newly divorced twenty something being invited not an established MF relationship. I don't feel it is predatory, because I am the first in the four year relationship, (and by predatory: I mean they would seek me out to be their sex toy/ helper). I feel it os quite genuine and loving and open. She, well they, have always wanted a third bi woman in the mix. Yay me.

However, when I expressed my need to be with them individually also, and to have one on one time to develop those relationships, I was told that "there is no me and him, only us."

I feel hurt, but honestly so. Honest with myself about what I want and need. I'm about to tell her that's now how I draw my own picture: with four relationships, his and hers, mine and hers, mine and his, and all three together. I'm struggling to make the words. I have overcome too much in this life to back down from what I truly want, and if I'm not honest about that now, Then what's the freaking point? Will me to get the words!!!
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