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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Although I wouldn't want anyone to feel excluded, I think there is something to this. But instead of a senior member's area, perhaps a Family of Trust area. For those of us that have connected beyond the confines of our online personas? It would be so hard to do without offending or seeming elitest.

I can honestly say that if such a place existed on this site, I probably wouldn't have lasted very long here. Such structures tend to stratify things pretty quickly and do exclude a lot of people from conversations without a very good reason. There would be a lot of valuable thoughts and perspectives that would be missed if certain conversations were only allowed to the "initiated" or those who are "in the club". My perspectives don't magically change after my 100th post. For me it makes a forum seem much less welcoming, and I'm pretty passionate about welcoming inclusive places.

This is a forum, not a club. I don't see the need to be so possessive of a public posting webspace. There are plenty of ways for people to maintain closer connections as friendships develop outside of this website. For me, this is a place where things start. It doesn't have to be the place where we close things off to people are are starting.
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