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Welcome to the forum.

Congrats on learning that liking one female, doesn`t mean you are going to like all pussies
Vice-versa : Disliking one , doesn`t mean you will dislike all.

I like your writing style, it was fun to read. As far as the actual meat-of-the-matter, whenever I see these quick-moving scenarios, I always wonder HOW does anyone know they care about someone, and want the best for them, a week`s time ?

In my world, 'care' and knowing I have someone else`s best interest, takes time to develop. It is a process, and it is cultivated through experiences.

Until then, it is 'interest', and 'politeness', maybe lust, and consideration.

So,..I would be careful if I were you. 'key phrases' tend to get used, when people are thinking with parts below the belt.

So enjoy the fun,..there is nothing wrong with dreaming and having fun, and feeling lusty. If it develops into more over time, great.
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