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Originally Posted by sugarhigh980 View Post
Wow, I wish I had read this thread before I posted my own in the "new" category. Same questions, awesome answers. Lots of food for thought here. I'm just really glad to know that I'm not the only one in this forum who's not sure I should be here. Thanks for sharing!
I'm pretty sure I should be here. I'm in love with my wife, and I'm pretty dang sure I've fallen for our friend. We're going slowly, very slowly, and its hard... A lot of talking, a lot of patience, a lot of confusion, a lot of fear to overcome, and a lot of societal programming to undo..

But when I spend a day with the two women I love, I know it's right. When we all talk about the house we'll get for us, I'm happier than I have any right to be. When I've spent hours talking to my wife, and she agrees that maybe there is a chance it could work, if we're all patient enough, I can't think of what to say.. Thank you doesn't go nearly far enough to describe my gratitude to the courageous woman I married who is willing to struggle with me and accept me for who I am.

I'm only not sure when I'm fighting my doubts, playing my own devils advocate, and facing down those demons.
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