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Sheesh, my post was simply offering another perspective from a different culture. Personally, I like learning about other cultures. You could've just said, "oh, interesting" and moved on, or not responded at all if it wasn't your cup of tea. Instead, you chose to feel offended, became defensive, and claimed that I and others were somehow trying to invalidate your feelings and philosophy on this. Your reaction was way over the top and bordering on childish. Now you are still insisting that I am presuming something about YOU (honestly, you're not that important to me), and you say I am somehow being crass by posting a review of a book about another culture as a way to offer that there are many ways to be polyamorous and raise children. Whatever, man. You are exhausting to the point of irritation. Continue to ramble on and on with your ideas of feminism and androphobia, but next time you ask for "any thoughts, theories, ideas, and experiences anyone else has" on a topic, be prepared for all manner of responses, some of which you won't like. Either that, or be more truthful and ask only for responses that fit into the narrow viewpoint to which you subscribe. Good luck.
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