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Originally Posted by Sunshinegrl View Post
I love this forum. Its been a great source of information for us. I do dislike the lack of privacy that is an issue for me. I think if the Fireplace ( or another part) was more Private (members only) I would be more comfortable sharing other factor in my life, pics and things. I think Forums are generally a great place to meet like minded people and seek support and varying opinions. I also must say I have meet some very important people in my life on forums.
It WOULD be cool if there was at least ONE forum on here where ONLY members could talk. I think that would ROCK. Then as we get to know one another we could be a little more frank as a "group". Instead of only in PM's.

I think even possibly limiting it to senior members so the people in that room ARE regulars...
As for me-I don't care who knows about me-and would put my pic up-but I have no good pics of me right now.I have great ones from years back-but recent ones tend to be me in jammies with a baby (nice for us but not to share!).
Just told Maca we needed to fix that. I like bexandben's pic. I would love to something like that where Maca and I were together in my avatar!
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