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Default New guy, MFF questions

whats up, my name is Bill and I'm new "poly". Have never been in a poly relationship before, but have thought about it. I have never "knowingly" known any poly friendly people before so I'm really curious about it.

I'm a straight guy, so what interests me the most is a MFF relationship just like a traditional MF relationship just with another woman. All three people would be equals and care about each other the same with the goal of being all together whenever possible, but say if one person was at work then the other 2 could be together (sexual or otherwise) with no jealousy. No one would be with anyone (sexually or emotionally) other than the three in the group.

I was just wondering how common this situation is? and how many women are really looking for that type of relationship? Also I was wondering if anyone in such a relationship all started "dating" together as opposed to a MF later adding a woman, or a FF later adding a man?
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