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Originally Posted by polyq4 View Post
This weekend seems to have gone very well. My wife Rox is starting to see just how much I love her too, and that anything I have with Jenn does not take away from her, and that she is not second. Her and Jenn are totally different. And I am liking that. We got along really great this weekend. Jenn and Bob came over for a sleepover, Jenn and I took the smaller bed again and we had a great night. This morning the ladies are working together in the kitchen. They are now starting to call each other 'sisters', but i think its even more than that. Bob has gone off to his house to do some stuff there. And I am on the computer, playing around, going to do some work stuff. And being 'on call' for the ladies in case I am needed.

Life is good. Yes being in a Quad can take work, but the rewards are great.
Groan < sooo jealous haha.... you guys are so living my dream scenario! :P lol best wishes
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