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Thanks for the questions, River--all good ones! Hades and I are looking for an area that is close enough to a city (an hour or so away) that we can go in when we need a culture fix, but not too close. We'd like a place that has trees/woods/water and is reasonably priced. Part of our desire to move out of the city is to also find a life that's simpler and less expensive. I don't want to have to work my butt off in order to afford country living if we can help it. :-)

We've been thinking about Oregon, near Portland, as a possible option, if that gives you an idea of the kind of climate, etc. we're looking for. We've also talked about near Seattle, but the rain, I think, will be too much for me. I need some reasonable sunshine or I will go insane.

This is a work in progress for us, trying to kind of feel our way to what we want.
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