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We've gotten to the point that labels don't matter anymore to us, or to most of the people that care about us. Also, another reason it doesn't come up much. Kinda complicated to explain to people, and this is working so why question it?
Sometimes one is who one is and one loves who one loves regardless of the gender or orientation of the other person. Oddly enough, the only other person that my husband was in love with before we met was a straight man who loved him as a friend but not a lover (most of his other attachments have been platonic, while sexual encounters were brief). I've noticed gay men, particularly younger ones, tend to compartmentalize sex into its own, non-emotional box very easily because it is so freely available.
Or perhaps its just that we're still so young and busy living our lives (that work well for us) that its not something we've really stopped to think about since we got together, and one day it will be something he or we will have to really take the time to figure out again. Until then we'll continue on happily as we are.
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